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Swim England London Awards

Swim England London holds an annual awards ceremony to celebrate the achievements of its members. Since 2019 these regional awards now form part of the overall Swim England National Awards with regional recipients being put forward for the national equivalent.

Alongside these awards Swim England London also presents the following three awards;

Jeff Cook SalverJeff Cook Salver

The Jeff Cook Salver is awarded to the winner of the Long Service to Aquatics. This award recognises an individual who has a sustained commitment to the delivery of aquatics and has regularly gone above and beyond their role.

The Dave Barnes TrophyThe Dave Barnes Trophy

The Dave Barnes Trophy is awarded to the winner of the Swim England Inspirational Volunteer Award. This Award recognises volunteers from the age of 18 and upwards. This could be anyone from within clubs.

Flo Barnes TrophyFlo Barnes Trophy

The Flo Barnes Trophy is awarded to the winner of the Swim England Inspirational Young Volunteer Award. This Award recognises volunteers from the age of 14 to 17. This could be anyone from within clubs.

Award Winners

The Swim England London awards winners for 2021 were;

Inspirational Young Volunteer Award and Flo Barnes Trophy

David Langley of Beckenham SC. This Award recognises volunteers from the age of 14 to 17. This could be anyone from within clubs.

David has been nominated due to his outstanding dedication in assisting his fellow squad members as well as the younger swimmers in the club. During the Covid lockdowns, he has participated enthusiastically as both a participant and a volunteer in all the online sessions the club offered. He ran several circuit sessions for the younger swimmers and assisted his sister who teaches a number of the club’s younger squads, with the delivery of her online sessions. He is looked up to by all the younger swimmers and is integral member of the Club’s Top Squad. His cheery disposition and commitment to training and achieving his best is a delight to see and is inspirational to all who know him. This person has been appointed as the Junior Club Captain for the second year running, a role which he embraces fully, with his enthusiasm and desire to assist and nurture.

Inspirational Volunteer Award and Dave Barnes Trophy
Jackie Bedford of Beckenham SC.

This Award recognises volunteers from the age of 18 and upwards. This could be anyone from within clubs.

Jackie has done a sterling volunteering role for the Club over the years and more latterly since taking on the role as Chair in January 2020. What an 18 months it has been for her! And by her own admission, had she known what was in store and that a global pandemic was about to hit, she may well have never agreed to take on the role!! She has a long-standing history with the club, and the wider swimming community, going back more than 30 years to when her children joined the Club. She has amongst other things volunteered and officiated, is a Past President and has always offered invaluable guidance, motivation and support to everyone she meets within the club. She has also been heavily involved with English Schools Swimming, as well as teaching many primary school children to swim – her mantra being no child should leave primary school unable to swim! Towards the end of 2019, she was asked to re-join the Committee as Chair and she accepted. The Club was just emerging out of a period of financial concern and looking to the new year to cement all the hard effort to redress the situation and start the work of building the club back up to its former glory, and this person’s experience and reputation made her the ideal candidate. Right from the start she attacked the role with a focused and organised approach, spending time with each Committee Member and the Senior Coaching Team to establish the priorities and the areas that needed immediate attention, whilst motivating the individuals to take ownership of their roles and develop within them. Committee Meetings were more organised, and discussions took on a new format. Then along came Covid-19, which blew everything out the window! However, this individual is not known for sitting around and doing nothing, so she very quickly jumped into action, with the resolve to keep the club and its members engaged. Committee Meetings moved on to Zoom, a small “management” team was set to handle day to day issues, a Weekly Bulletin was launched, and fees were replaced by a monthly admin fee. The aim of all this was to ensure the Club’s survival both physically and financially; and to be ready for its “re-entry” post lockdown. With her ideas, dedication, drive, motivation and commitment, the Club was able to emerge from three periods of lockdown in a stronger position and ready to build from the grass roots up. The Club is now on target to build a stronger base for the 2021-22 season and beyond, and for our forthcoming 130 year anniversary in 2023. Thank you!

Jeff Cook Salver for Services to Aquatics
Ronald Bridge of Feltham SC.

This award recognises an individual who has a sustained commitment to the delivery of aquatics and has regularly gone above and beyond their role.  They must have contributed towards the development and participation of aquatics at a local, regional or national level, and have promoted the sport to all. This individual could be in a paid or voluntary position. 

Ronald has been involved with his club since 1974. Like many volunteers he became involved when his children joined what was their local club. Being a practical and organised man, he offered his services to the club. As he became familiar with the sport of swimming he trained as a swimming teacher and was voted onto the committee where he has remained with an almost unbroken record. He has held various roles including secretary and was chair for many years.

Ronald also became an official, firstly as a timekeeper and then gradually moved on and became a referee. He also worked with Middlesex County acting as a trainer for other officials. For many years the Club would hold exchange visits, with a German swimming club, which he coordinated.

Several years ago he stepped away from day to day involvement with the club but remained our President and likes nothing more than to come to our Friday club night, see the swimmers and have a chat. This legend is now approaching his 90th year having spent almost half his life involved with our club along with his late wife Shirley. Many, many children have come through the Club during his time and if it wasn’t for the likes of dedicated volunteers like this person they would not have had that opportunity to learn the life skill of being able to swim, enjoy competition, and have memories that will be with them for the rest of their lives. Therefore, this award is a fitting thank you to someone who embodies the role of volunteering and has given so much of their time to the children of the Club.

Sport Innovation Award

Alan Thurlow – Wandsworth SC. This Award recognises the innovative approach taken to ensure the technical aspect of the sport is delivered. This could be a new virtual event, in water training or other sport activity.

Alan is well known in the “Swimming World”. We all know him from judging and refereeing all kinds of swimming competitions from ISL over to British National to club championships. He started, like so many as a parent and quickly he got involved in the club matters as a judge then as a committee member and now once more as the chairman of the club. He has steered the club well through the challenges of the COVID 19 pandemic. His daughter, Kate is now a coach and judge for the club and his wife looks after the para athletes. He deserves this award due to his long ongoing commitment, encouragement, enthusiasm and engagement.

Inspirational Club Coach/ Teacher Award

Sophie Monaghan of Brent Dolphins SC.

This Award recognises a Coach or Teacher, who can be paid or unpaid.

Following the departure of the Club’s Head Coach in March of 2020, as they were forced into lockdown, they looked at who they could promote internally and the Committee’s thoughts immediately turned to our Assistant Coach, Sophie. With the Club for a few years up to that point her energy and ability to think creatively in situations that some would find daunting has always been admired. So supportive of all the club’s swimmers – not just her own squads – and always looking for the positive in a situation and the ability to bring a sense of calm and fun. However, as much as we tried to get her to take it on, she would always reply she was happy to step up as an interim until we found someone but other commitments stopped her from taking the role permanently. As we proceeded through what would be 13 months of suspension of club activities, we began to think about the Head Coach role and the direction the club needed take on return; the type of person needed to take the club forward. This person was just a natural choice for the role. Eventually on the 11th of July 2021 she crumbled and took on the role much to the club’s huge relief!!! Although not officially appointed until last month, Sophie has been an integral part of helping the club to get back up and running. From making sure that she had her team on board and in touch with what they were doing to ensure the team were aware of the restrictions on numbers in the pool and how they could get as many children back into the pool as possible. Understanding all the protocols the Club had to have in place and helping the Covid Team at both sites to ensure that everyone was “following the rules” at the centres. Dealing with the administration side of the role so that any changes were communicated to poolside as required in a supportive way of committee. Apart from her actual coaching time on poolside, none of this extra work was charged for – and this included several phone calls going into the wee small hours trying to get the timetable right and wording of the Risk Assessments understandable in the week leading up to our return. The Club recently started tentative steps back into competition at a County event and several people have commented about how this person is managing to bring the “buzz” back to poolside. The Committee are so excited for the next steps in their 100 year plus history and we all feel this person is the lady to follow it through. She is a prime example of a Coach who goes more than the extra mile for her club, colleagues and swimmers; an outstanding role model for all within our club and it would be wonderful to see her hard work recognised not just by her “fan club” but by the wider swimming community. On top of her work within Swimming, this person is also heavily involved with coaching children’s football at grassroots level within the North London area. This was one of the primary reasons for her decision not to take the role on with us until she was certain she could give both the time and energy needed without compromising either one of them.

Inspirational Athlete Award

Jessica Ayling of Barking & Dagenham SC.

This Award recognises participants across all disciplines from the age of 12 and upwards. This could be anyone taking part in our sports within clubs.

During the last 18 months Jessica has been keeping herself fit as she can but also motivated mentally. During the lockdown she saw many of her friends quit swimming, whilst she changed clubs as she felt starting a fresh was what herself and her future swimming needed. Another challenge to overcome, but one that is working for her. When lockdown began she had the idea of buying an outdoor collapsible pool so she could maintain the feel for the water and to train. She used to tie bands round her waist, and attach them to the side of the pool so she could do as much stroke and kick work as possible. It didn’t matter what the weather or temperature was like, in the pool she went, every day. This wasn’t her only purchase, she also bought a gym workstation. With the help of her dad she built a makeshift squat rack. Next using two ladders and a pole she built in between two trees a high pull up bar station. This person decided to hit the roads on her Dads mountain bike and also some running in order to compliment her fitness training. . Her daily routine started every day with either a HITT class or some of her own workouts. All this whilst watching her daily nutritional intake. Her new club were organising outdoor fitness several days a week. This was great opportunity for this person to share her ideas and to help the other girls there, especially when they were lacking motivation to attend and improve their fitness. Her new coach wanted us to know that during this hard time she even helped to motivate him. Having gained a qualifying time for the British Champs in April and not being able to attend and perform at her best due to lack of pool time leading up to this was a massive disappointment. Not being able to get back into the pool with her peers for such a lengthy period has affected this person mentally. Somehow she bounced back and kept herself motivated by going on her own to adult lane swimming as well as driving over to Charlton lido. Even in the winter months where it was the only pool swimming allowed as outdoors. Finally she was able to train again the only way she knows, hard. She has attended every swim session and gym workouts. All this determination and hard work has paid off for her. She has obtained PB’s in her two events both in short course and long. Her parents are in awe of her as she is such a truly dedicated athlete who has overcome the set backs of injuries and ill health.

Youth Champion Award

Yessane Rimbon of Seymour Artistic SC.

This Award recognises individuals who continue to champion the voice of the young people (under 25 years of age) within aquatics, have a clear passion for the sport and made a volunteering commitment or advocacy through campaigning, fundraising or committee work).

Yessane has always been involved in volunteering even before applying for the Swim England London Youth Advisory Panel. She helps the Club coaches and maintains a friendly relationship with everyone in the club. Since she is one of the oldest in the club the younger athletes look up to her and ask for her advice and help with their techniques. During the lockdowns, the club put in place zoom training sessions which she always attend. This person is a fine example to the younger athletes.



Long Service Pins

Gold (for 15 years’ service)
Silver (for 10 years’ service)
Bronze (for 5 years’ service)

The Pins can be awarded for continuous service to Swim England London since 2005.

Nominations can be made by the Swim England London Board Members and Discipline Committee Chairman.

The recipients must have worked for the Region for the required number of years in each of the categories. They may be Secretaries/Managers, Committee members, officials or poolside helpers. (Technical and Non-Technical)

Awards will be made each year at the ACM.

Silver Pins were awarded to:

Mark Child – Beckenham SC​
Jeanette Edmiston – Teddington SC​
Nick Hallam – Croydon Amphibians SC​
John Handley – Beckenham SC​
Alex Harrison – Dive London Aquatics​
Alan Luhmann – Beckenham SC​
Lisa Richards – Newham & UEL​
Alan Wileman – Sutton & Cheam SC  ​

Bronze pins were awarded to:

David Jenkins – Dive London Aquatics ​
Nick Buller – Otter SC​