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Training Courses

There are a variety of different courses that run in the London Region, including:

  • teaching
  • coaching
  • officials
  • club development
  • team manager
  • time to listen
  • safeguarding

Courses are available throughout the year and take place at many locations throughout the region.

Regional Courses – Safeguarding & Time to Listen

The following Safeguarding Courses are taking place:

10th June 2021 10th June 2021 Booking Form
23rd September 2021-23rd September 2021 Booking Form
25th November 2021-25th November 2021 Booking Form
The cost for these courses is £25 per attendee

Time to Listen Course – 21st October 2021 (at a cost of £25 per attendee)- 21st October Booking Form

For more information please contact James Warrener or enquiries@london@swimming.org

Scroll through upcoming courses below or head to our global calendar to filter for different courses local to you.

Upcoming London Region Training Courses

2 February 2023
9 February 2023
10 February 2023
11 February 2023
13 February 2023