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Para-Swimming in London

Para-swimming is a Paralympic sport and an extremely popular activity among disabled people.

Head to Swim England’s Learn to Swim Companion to find out more about how young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities can get started with swimming.

Once a child has learned to swim, they can continue their journey in swimming with a club. Swimmers with disabilities are encouraged to join nearly all mainstream clubs – head to our para-swimming clubs page to find out more.

Club swimmers can train to compete in para-swimming competitions, such as our own London Regional Para-Swimming Championships. Head to our para-swimming competitions page to find out more.

ID tracker form

Fill in Swim England’s para-swimming ID tracker form to help them identify opportunities for you in the London region.

Para-swimming management in London

If you are interested in becoming involved in disabled swimming either as a competitor or coach please contact Michelle Weltman on 07710 419218.

You can also download relevant documents about para-swimming in London below.

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