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Artistic Swimming Scorers

Following on from the Judge updates with World Aquatics (FINA) significantly changing the rules for artistic swimming, those wishing to be a scorer for national competitions from 2024 need to attend a compulsory course. There are two sessions available. Registration to attend one (or more) of these sessions is via the link below:


Details of the course content are as follows:

Swim England national scorers course part 2: routines

This 2 ½-hour online course will cover the new system and what this means for scorers.

The course is suitable for anyone who has:

  • passed the recent national scorers course on figures
  • been on a previous national scorers course
  • Been a national scorer in the past 5 years

By the end of the course, attendees will:

  • Understand the key changes, especially what this means for scoring
  • Know what is same as before and what is different
  • Have seen and tried the new scoring system
  • Understand what declared difficulty, base marks and factoring are and how they affect scores
  • Know that different types of competition will score routines in a range of ways

Zoom details will be sent out nearer to the time of the session.