Swim England London

Aquatic sports in the London region

Diving Clubs

The following London-based clubs are either dedicated diving clubs or have a diving pathway within the main club.

Click or tap on the buttons below to head to the club website. Alternatively you can use our club search and pool search below to find your nearest London facilities with diving boards.

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Diving competitions

Once you’re a member of a diving club, you can work towards competing against other divers at club, regional and national events.

The biggest regional competition we hold in London is the Swim England London Skills. It is open to divers in four different age groups (8/9 yrs, 10/11 yrs, 12/13 yrs and 14/16 yrs).

You can view results from previous year’s London Skills competitions below. Click or tap the folder to view the results for that year.

London Diving Skills Results