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Festival of Swimming 24th and 25th of July 2021 - COVID Procedures Urgent!

Please see the COVID 19 Procedures that will be adopted at the Swim England London Festival of Swimming Meet being held on the 24th  & 25th of  July at the London Aquatics Centre.  Please can you ensure all your swimmers and coaches are familiar with the protocols.

If these procedures are breached then the swimmer/club  may not be entitled to continue to swim at the event

We are still short of Non-Technical Volunteers to support meet and would be grateful if you could share the link below with your members to register their availability.


We have provided an Individual Entry Form for Masters where their club does not have the capability of submitting club entries.

This must not be used by Age Group swimmers who must submit their entry through their club.

Under the COVID Protocols attached, clubs are required to provide a COVID Marshal to ensure that all club personnel comply with the COVID Procedures and that all swimmers are safeguarded during the meet.

By submitting a club entry using the online meet summary form, clubs acknowledge that they understand this commitment.

If you have any questions, please contact Alan Thurlow [email protected]  or Ralph Shortland [email protected]