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Masters and Water Polo Chair appointments

Welcome to our two new Discipline Chairs

The Region are delighted to announce the appointment of Julia Shannahan as our new Masters Swimming Chair and Adrian Wood as our new Water Polo Chair.

We would like to extend a very warm welcome and thank them both for joining our volunteer workforce.

Julia and Adrian bring a wealth of experience in their respective aquatic disciplines which will be invaluable to the Masters Swimming and Water Polo communities across London.

Julia’s  day job is in IT consulting and transformation with a focus on Programme Direction and Operations Management, although she started off as a civil engineer with a PhD in concrete!

She loves to swim and  has been a competitive Masters swimmer for several decades. However after an enforced break she has now recently returned to competitive swimming.

Julia is passionate about masters swimming and access to swimming for all ages at all stages of the swimming lifecycle and she is currently Treasurer of Tower Hamlets Swimming Club.

Adrian has been involved in Water Polo for the past five years since his  son was asked by the local Water Polo  coach at Hillingdon Penguins to attend a trial after finishing local level swimming lessons.

Adrian  decided to get involved and help out with the local club and he is now on the Club’s Executive Committee and also one of their Team Managers.

After his son’s selection into the Regional Water Polo Squad, Adrian decided to assist  as Team Manager for the inter regionals, and since then has been a Team Manager at various tournaments including the new Talent Centre games and assisted at the old National Academy training sessions.

Outside of Water Polo Adrian also assists with training for his local football club, and is also treasurer of a local golf society.

We wish them every success in their new roles.