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Mixed development tournaments announced for Autumn 2019

Swim England London Water Polo have two development tournaments coming up later in 2019.

  • Under 14 mixed (2006 & later) Sunday 29th September 5.30pm – 8.45pm Whitgift school
  • Under 12 mixed (2008 & later) Sunday 24th November 5.30pm – 8.45pm Whitgift school

This opportunity is open to clubs affiliated to Swim England London, and players that do not currently play in the 1st seven of club teams involved in the London Water Polo League competition, ie your bench players and others that are still developing and have not played in competitions.

If you only have five or six players that fit this criteria, it is possible at the development tournaments to have combined club teams.

Any teams that are short of players can be supplemented by local players.

There will be a contribution entry fee or £30/team for each tournament.

Interested clubs should contact Chris Martin on [email protected]

Some questions answered:

  • What is the size of the pitch?
    18m 3/4 size goals
  • What is the size of the ball?
    Size 3
  • How long is a quarter/half?
    2 half of 5mins running clock
  • Do you play 6+1 players?
    Yes, with any many subs as you like.
  • Are players allowed to use 1 hand only?
    Yes, but at the referee will be kind, accidental twi hands will be allowed!