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Non-Technical Officials

In order to encourage volunteers to come forward to help us run London Regional events, we have prepared these brief outlines of the main event volunteer roles.

These volunteers, known as non-technical officials, do not require any particular qualifications, but are vital for the successful running of an event.

In addition to the published roles below, we are always interested to get volunteers to help with results and the general running of the gala electronics and computers.

Anyone who volunteers will be given sessions of instruction until they can run subsequent sessions themselves (although a mentor will always be on hand). We therefore need volunteers who can do at least two sessions or preferably a whole day.

Ideally, we would like people to return to help with subsequent events once they are trained as this gives us more flexibility and ensures we have adequate cover for this role for the season.

Knowledge of IT is helpful but not essential. You will be working as part of a large team which divides into two halves – one operating the Automatic Officiating Equipment (AOE) which records the results automatically or via the manualback-up system, and the other half who ensures that all the paperwork needed for the session is available and the results are correctly processed.

This includes entries and withdrawals being correctly entered for every event, hard copy prints outs are done, including slips for timekeepers for each lane , prints outs of the heat sheets for the referees and starter and spares for coaches, etc, and the same is done for all finals.

Also the results sheets for presentations and awards passed to the runners for posting on the wall and etc. London Region use Sports Systems so any prior knowledge of this would also be helpful, but not essential. If you have ever done any recording for your own club events you may be suitable for this role.

Often, people who have come forward with no prior experience at all have commented on how much they have enjoyed being part of the poolside team, so it is often very rewarding to help out.

We really appreciate you coming forward as the competitions cannot be run without volunteers like you. If you have any questions about any of the above, or the role descriptions published below, please email Juliet Rowson , Swim England London Non-Technical Volunteers’ Manager, on [email protected]

Role descriptions for Non-Technical Officials/Volunteers

These roles do differ slightly at different pools; the pools we use are generally the London Aquatic Centre (LAC) or Crystal Palace National Sports Centre (CP).

Non-Technical Roles