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Open Water Swimming Chair Appointment

The Region are delighted to announce the appointment of David Skinner as our new Open Water Swimming Chair.

We would like to extend a very warm welcome to David and thank him for joining our volunteer workforce.

David is an advocate of the health and wellbeing benefits of aquatic sport for all and the role it can play in helping shape the lives of young people. He is passionate about promoting access to all.

David first became involved in aquatic sport as an age group swimmer and later played water polo at school and university. From his long career in investment management, David has a strong background in organisational governance and leadership, strategy, financial planning and a track record of delivering against plan.

He returned to competitive swimming in 2010 as a distraction from this busy career and has since participated in many open water events across Europe. David is also an active member of the Haringey Aquatics masters programme and while he enjoys being in the pool, his great affinity is with outdoor swimming.

He has been a volunteer in aquatic sport for several years. With two daughters swimming in the club, David has qualified as a team manager and is an active swimming official. He joined the committee of Haringey Aquatics in 2020, initially to help support the club’s external fundraising efforts, and was appointed to his current role of Chair in 2022.