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SE London Winter Championships 2023

Competitive Swimming

Short Course meet licensed by Swim England at Level 2


Saturday 4th November 2023

Sunday 5th November 2023

London Aquatics Centre, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Stratford, London E20 2AQ

Useful Contacts

  • The Meet Manager for this event is Alan Thurlow (contact)
  • The Promoter for this event is Nick Hallam (contact).
  • The Lead Referee for this event is Hannah Davies (contact).

General Conditions

  1. This is a multi-classification Para-Swimming inclusive meet.  Para swimmers must enter using the individual option within the Online Meet Entry Portal.
  2. Entries will be accepted from all swimmers who are members of a Swim England London affiliated club.
  3. A swimmer’s age shall be determined as at midnight on 31 December 2023.
  4. The closing deadline for all entries and full payment is 25 October 2023.
  5. Swimmers’ qualifying entry times must be registered at levels 1 to 3 on the Swim England Rankings database and have been swum on or after 26 October 2022.
  6. ALL entries must be submitted electronically using the Online Meet Entry Portal
  7. This meet will be run using Hy-Tek Meet Manager software. Entry files from compatible team management software (e.g. Swim Manager, Swim Club Manager or Team Unify) will be accepted.  SportSystems Entry Files are not compatible and cannot be accepted.

Accepted and Rejected Entries

The accepted entry report is available at the link below in the Meet Documents.  The rejected entries are available as follows:


We are introducing an online process for withdrawals at the Winter Championships this year. This will run in addition to the process currently defined in the Promoter’s Conditions.  We would be grateful if clubs could use the new process and provide us with feedback.  We intend to use this process for the London Summer Championships 2024.

The electronic process is as follows:

  • After you have submitted your entry in the portal, you can return to the home entry page for the meet you wish to view and select the button “View More Details” and then “My Entries”.
  • This will list all the entry files that you have in the meet.
  • If you select “View”, you will be provided options to list the details, the athletes, the individual entries or the relay entries from your club in this meet.
  • The “Withdraw” button will allow you to withdraw a swimmer from an event through the portal. This is a toggle button so if you make a mistake, you can reverse the withdrawal by clicking the button again.
  • In the instructions below “Withdrawing swimmers after the closing date”, we include a QR code for Coaches or team managers, while at the venue, to log in to their Club’s entry page and withdraw their swimmers before the withdrawals close for a session.
  • Competition Secretaries need to provide their club’s passphrase to their coaches and team manager to sign in and access their entries.
  • The Passphrase is provided in the top right corner of the Details section in the Club’s portal page.


Entry to spectate the meet shall cost £10.00 per day (regardless of arrival/departure time) for all adults (13 years old and over).  Entry to spectate the meets shall be free-of-charge for all children (12 years old and younger) when accompanied by an adult.

Tickets for both adults and children need to be pre-purchased before the start of the gala by using this link.


You must bring a printed copy of your ticket or have it available on your mobile device.  It will be validated using a mobile scanner.  If you leave the venue, you must ensure you are scanned out if you, or a member of your party, want to return and reuse your ticket later in the day.

There will be no printed programme available for this meet – we encourage all attendees to download and print the online programme at home prior to your arrival.

Access to Poolside

A poolside pass with a photo ID is required for access to the pool area.  There are no exceptions as this is a safeguarding issue.

  • COACHES, TEAM MANAGERS AND CHAPERONES must apply for a pass through the Swim England National Poolside Pass system which can be accessed through the Swim England Members page by navigating using the following linkA weekend pass costs £15.00.  Food is available at the centre or in Westfield on a self-catering basis.  Your pass must be downloaded by the individual before attending the meet.  Pouches and lanyards will be provided at the entrance desk.
  • L2 TEACHERS will need to apply for their weekend pass using this form.  A weekend pass costs £15.00.  Food is available at the centre or in Westfield on a self-catering basis. Swim England London will bill your club for your application.
  • FIELD OF PLAY VOLUNTEERS, SE STAFF, OFFICIALS IN TRAINING AND VIP’S need to apply for a photo ID using this form.
  • TECHNICAL OFFICIALS must wear their licence on poolside.


Live start lists and results will be provided during the meet in the Hy-Tek Meet Mobile app.  The app can be downloaded from both Apple and Google app stores.

Full results:

The following documents set out different aspects of the results:


We would love to see your messages of support and congratulations along with your team/swimmer photos too. Please tag us when posting on Twitter (@LondonSwimming) and use the hashtag #2023LondonWinters. Thanks.

Officials and Field of Play volunteers

We are very grateful for any offer of assistance.  This gala cannot be run without the committment of our volunteers.

  • Technical Officials may register their willingness to volunteer your time for this event at this link.
  • Field of Play volunteers may register your willingness to volunteer your time for this event at this link.

Expenses may be claimed by all volunteers and officials on the form attached in accordance with the attached policy:

Meet Documents