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Swim England London Annual Council Meeting 2023

The 2023 Annual Council Meeting will take place on Saturday 1st April 2023 via Zoom, commencing at 10:30am.

During the meeting the following elections will take place:

Management Board Members of the Swim England London (3 seats)

Delegates from Swim England London to the Swim England Members Forum ;

See the Nomination Forms HERE

Nominees must be members of a club or body affiliated to the Swim England London. Nominations may be made by members of any club or body affiliated to the Swim England London or by the officers of following county swimming associations:


Clubs and other organisations affiliated to the region may also wish to propose motions, which include proposed changes to the rules of Swim England London or to Swim England Law, for the Swim England London Council to debate.

Nominations and Notices of Motions must be sent on the appropriate form to
[email protected] by 5pm on Friday 4th March 2023.

Each Club affiliated to the Region may send delegates on the following basis:
• one Delegate for Clubs with 50 or fewer or no Declared Members,
• two for Clubs between 51 and 200,
• three for Clubs with 201 or more.

Only Delegates may vote at the meeting. Each Delegate must complete the Delegate Authorisation form by Friday  17th March 2023.