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Swimming Officials Courses - UPDATE

Swim England have recently released information with regard to current and future officials training courses;

Following recent government announcements on staying at home, Sport Park and the warehouse are currently closed. This means that we are currently not in a position to send out any Officials Licence packs (new or renewals) or any Judge 1 log books. However, as there are currently no meetings or events taking place we do not consider this to be a major issue and will catch up as soon as things begin to return to normal.

In the meantime, to ensure that we are able to get packs out as soon as possible:

  • For those completing the Judge 1 Online modules – please continue to upload your certificates as per the instructions at the end of the course
  • For those applying for new or renewal licences – please send forms and photos via email wherever possible, to [email protected] .


A small number of you have contacted us to express your concern that candidates for the Judge 1 training may not have the opportunity to complete their poolside training within the prescribed timescale, be that 31 July for those on the “old” scheme or within 11 months for the online training, given the current uncertainty around cancellation of competitions.

The British Swimming SOG (swimming officials group) are obviously aware of your concerns but as yet no decision has been made on this, or any other aspect of officials training, including the pool Referee exams scheduled for May and November.

At the moment the situation and corresponding advice is changing daily. Once the position becomes more stable and the British Swimming SOG have had the opportunity to hold a meeting, the outcome will be communicated to all.

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