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Time To Listen delivery during the current Covid-19 pandemic

Following several queries about the future of the Time To Listen course in the light of government guidance around Covid-19. NSPCC have cancelled or postponed all our training for the foreseeable future.

With several Time To Listen courses booked, CPSU are advising sports organisations to make decisions about these based on up to date government guidance, organisational procedures and venue arrangements. As much sport is now being cancelled across the UK, Time To Listen workshops could be postponed until later in the year to avoid exposing participants to risk and the spread of infection. However this is a decision to be made by the course organiser.

There is no online version of the Time To Listen course. The course is being reviewed with an interactive element being one of the areas under discussion. While UK Coaching are using a reduced online version of SPC as an interim measure, there is no equivalent TTL course which would do the course justice. Thank you for your suggestions for the future development of this course including interactive online options.