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Welfare Officer - Welcome to Annelli Peavot

Congratulations to Annelli Peavot who has been appointed to the Regional Welfare Officer position.

Annelli currently works within the field of elite dance training in the role of Assistant Principal – with responsibility for Safeguarding and Health and Wellbeing.

She originally trained as a General Nurse at Portsmouth University. Upon qualification she specialised in Cardiothoracics at Southampton General Hospital before moving into an Accident and Emergency care, where she thrived on a fast paced, high intensity working environment. Looking for a complete change of focus and direction in her career brought her into vocational dance education in 2006.

Over the years Annelli has worked with a number of organisations including the British Gymnastics Team and the Sports and Recreation Association in training and developing best practice across their organisations in safeguarding.

Safeguarding is at the heart of all she does. She firmly believes that it is the golden thread which should run through all organisations who have contact with young people. The swimming world is known for its inclusivity and family-friendly grass-roots clubs and the safety of young people within a club setting demands that all involved place safeguarding at the forefront of their minds. We need to have an atmosphere of disclosure and exercise professional curiosity so that reporting happens early and intervention can be swift and effective.

Annelli’s key focus is to ensure that the young people we work with are supported to pursue their passions and are protected from all forms of harm. To do she knows it is vitally important to make sure that those working with young people are also supported, guided and enabled to deliver outstanding safeguarding provision

Annelli can be contacted via email [email protected]