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Youth Advisory Panel

The Swim England London Regional Youth Advisory Panel is made up of 8 volunteers in the London region. The panel aims to tackle key issues in aquatics within the region, such as safeguarding and mental health.

Established in January 2021, the panel has had a number of meetings and delivered projects which have benefitted the region, including the ‘Reaching Up’ Series which involved interviewing top athletes and support staff during the lockdown period.

This panel links with the young volunteer’s programme, which will be released in 2021 and aims to get more young people involved in volunteering. The panel consists of members from a range of aquatic disciplines and backgrounds, each of which are committed to making our sports safer, more accessible and enjoyable for the next generation. The panel’s chair, Elliot McHugh, added:

“I’m so proud to see the London regional youth panel come to life and get off to a great start with a successful project. It’s great to see young people getting involved in volunteering and making a difference. I hope that this panel will inspire more young people to get involved in whatever way they can.”

Keep an eye out in this section for all the work of the London Youth Advisory Panel!