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Aquatic sports in the London region

Club Membership with Swim England London

All aquatic clubs are encouraged to affiliate to Swim England through one of the eight regions. If your main pool is within the City of London or the 32 Greater London Boroughs, you must affiliate through Swim England London.

Clubs can become affiliated to Swim England and Swim England London using the following four-step process:

  1. Ensure you have met Swim England’s minimal constitutional standards for a club.
  2. Contact our Affiliations Officer; Jackie Bedford, sending her a completed application form and a copy of your club constitution.
  3. Your members are then automatically members of both Swim England London and Swim England.
  4. The club is also then assigned to one of our four County Associations in London; Middlesex, Surrey, Kent or Essex.

See the New Affiliations Process Pack HERE

Affiliation to Swim England gives the club and its members – Category 1, Category 2 and Category 3 – access to a range of benefits resources, support, and services delivered by Swim England.

Additional Benefits of Swim England London Affiliation

  • The opportunity to contribute to and influence the Region’s strategy which covers all disciplines, all clubs and all members.
  • The right for the club to send delegates to the Swim England London Annual Council Meeting.
  • The support of our regionally employed staff which includes administration, development and membership officers.
  • The opportunity for SwimMark clubs to apply for bursaries towards many educational courses.
  • The chance for category 2 members to be invited to regional and national development training camps for our aquatic disciplines, also incorporating coach education and team manager education opportunities.
  • The chance to be selected to be a member of one of the Swim England London teams and squads (e.g. swimming and water polo).
  • Access to an annual programme of coaching development workshop, conferences and forums.
  • Development and training days in all disciplines, officials and volunteers.
  • Access to funding for Safeguarding, Team Manager and Time to Listen Educational courses and for the Young Volunteer Programme.
  • Access to regular updates via a monthly club newsletter, social media and website updates.
  • Access to Swim England London Awards.

Frequently Asked Questions about Swim England London Affiliation

Some of the most frequently asked questions about club membership and affiliation are listed below. If you have any questions which aren’t mentioned here, please get in touch with our Affiliations Officer; Jackie Bedford

What does it cost to affiliate to Swim England London?

The 2023 National, Regional and County fees can be found HERE

The 2022 National, Regional and County fees can be found HERE.

All the fees are directly paid to Swim England who send the regional fees to the region and the county fees to the county. The national fees are retained by Swim England.

How do I affiliate to Swim England London?

Before you apply to affiliate to the Region, you must have a draft constitution which meets Swim England’s minimum standards.

More information about setting up a club, the types of club that you can have, and the minimum constitutional standards is at https://www.swimming.org/swimengland/managing-your-club/setting-up-clubs/.

Once you are ready to affiliate please fill in the Affiliation form below and email it and a copy of your club constitution to Affiliations Officer Jackie Bedford.

See the Swim England London Region Club Affiliation Application Form.

See the Swim England Affiliated Body Application Form

How do I renew my club’s affiliation to Swim England London?

Both the Swim England and Swim England London’s membership year runs from 1 January to 31 December. All clubs are required to submit details of their current membership on an annual basis.

Towards the end of the membership year, Swim England will ask clubs to ensure that their membership records on the Online Membership System (OMS) are up to date.

Once this is done, the OMS will let clubs see what their annual renewal fee will be and the deadline for paying it.

Swim England automatically suspend the affiliation of any club (and its members) that does not pay its renewal fee by the deadline.

What do I do if I’ve changed my club’s constitution?

Clubs do not have to resubmit their constitution as part of the annual renewal process. Both Swim England and London Swimming will assume that there have been no changes.

However, clubs must submit any amendments they want to make to their constitution to the Affiliations Officer Jackie Bedford for approval.