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How to affiliate your club to Swim England

When you affiliate your club to Swim England you unlock lots of additional opportunities for your members.

Benefits of Affiliation

  • Insurance cover (which includes civil liability, personal accident and legal advice)
  • Opportunities for training, licensing and CPD gained by teachers and coaches
  • Club-related initiatives such as SwimMark and AASE
  • A structured competitive pathway
  • Access to the Swim England-employed clubs team through regional offices to help your club and its members achieve your full potential

How to affiliate your club to Swim England

There are four key stages to follow when you affiliate your club to Swim England. These are:

Stage one – form a committee

  • In the words of the Swim England handbook: “A club must comprise a group of people who join together for the common purpose of taking part in swimming related activities and must be organised and managed on a democratic basis.”
  • This group of people must include: chair, secretary, treasurer and welfare officer but can add additional roles where appropriate, such as membership secretary, or fund-raising officer. This is your committee.

Stage two – choosing a name

  • The name of a club should include some reference to the club’s normal area of activity and location. It must not have a name that could be confused with another club.

Stage three – adopting a constitution

  • All clubs need to be constituted in order to create a legal entity that other organisations can operate with. The constitution plays an important part in regulating club affairs. Learn more in the Swim England document here.
  • The club needs to adopt a constitution based on the Swim England recommended club constitution, and be approved by the Swim England region.
  • Clubs also need a written constitution to ensure all stakeholders can understand how duties are carried out and the rules that need to be followed.
  • Go to our Ways to Set Up Your Club section here to learn about the ways to constitute your club.

Stage four – affiliating your club

  • In order to affiliate to Swim England, a club is required to contact the Swim England regional office. They will send you all the relevant documentation to complete the affiliation process.