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Diving in London

Diving is one of the five aquatic disciplines governed by Swim England and is as exhilarating to watch as it is to take part in.

Whether there are aspirations to be a champion or just to have fun, diving is a safe, healthy and exciting activity.

Diving offers a touch of variety to the usual sports taught in schools. It can improve discipline, co-ordination, agility and confidence. As long as the participant is water confident and above the age of five, there are opportunities to have a go at diving, from basic beginner lessons to competitive levels.

Being part of a lesson or club encourages social interaction, developing new skills together and sharing common experiences.

Gymnastics and trampolining are very similar sports to diving. Teachers can transfer many of the skills learnt in those sports into the pool.

Get involved with diving in London

London has a strong tradition of producing divers who have progressed all the way to the Olympic podium.

There are different ways to start diving from joining a lesson programme at your local diving club or by joining a learn-to-dive programme at your local diving pool.