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Club Welfare

How To Resolve Issues or Disputes

If you require help with a problem or dispute at a club in England, there are a number of options available to resolve issues within a Swim England club. 

Some ways to resolve issues with your club 

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  1. Contact a Swim England Friend
    Swim England Friends are in place for all general queries relation to the Judicial process (set out below) and assistance with internal disputes such as alleged breaches of the Club Constitution / Rules, Code of Ethics, and Codes of Conduct.
  2. Raise a concern about a child or adult at risk of harm 
    Our Regional Safeguarding Team can help if you are worried or concerned about a child or adult who is being harmed, or at risk of harm. Please remember you do not have to decide whether or not your concern is a safeguarding issue, and our trained team will respond to all concerns with care and sensitivity. Further information is available on our Wavepower Safeguarding page.
  3. Resolve a concern about coaching
    If you cannot resolve a concern about coaching practices and techniques at your club, you can raise the issue with us.
  4. Make a Club Complaint
    A Club complaint refers to a complaint involving an alleged breach of the club’s rules or any other dispute not relating to an alleged breach of Swim England regulations, between two or more club members, any or none of whom may be an officer of the club, or one or more club members and one or more employees of the club. Anyone can make a complaint if you are a Swim England member to your Club Chair. We have developed guidance for different stages of the process, which can be found on the Swim England website HERE
    Please see the internal Club complaints form here
  5. Make a formal complaint
    A formal complaint can be submitted in accordance with Judicial Regulations and processed by the Office of Judicial Administration.