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Swim England London 2020 Open Meet

Competitive Swimming

2020 London Swimming Summer Open Meet, licensed by Swim England at Level 1 (1LR200423).


Saturday 14th March 2020

Sunday 15th March 2020

London Aquatics Centre, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Stratford, London.

Useful Contacts

  • The Meet Manager for this event is Alan Thurlow (contact)
  • The Promoter for this event is Nick Hallam (contact).
  • The Lead Referee for this event is Ralph Shortland (contact).


You will find the results by club at this link.

You will find the results by club including London Tourists as a separate team at this link.


Our meet is going ahead as planned.  We would encourage all participants to follow the advice from Public Health England that can be found at this link.

Accepted Entries

All entries have been accepted.  The full accepted entry list is available from the link below.  We have also provided a Key Times Report that will guide the timeline for the meet, and meet programmes for each day.  The full programme is also provided on HyTek’s Meet mobile app where results and heat start lists and results will also be available during the meet.

Terms & Conditions

  1. This is not a multi-classification Para-Swimming competition.
  2. This is an Open Meet so entries will be accepted from all qualifying ASA/WASA/SASA and FINA-affiliated swimmers.
  3. A swimmer’s age shall be determined as at midnight on 31 December 2020.
  4. The closing deadline for all entries and full payment is 26 February 2020.
  5. For UK swimmers qualifying entry times must be registered on the Swim England Rankings database.
  6. For foreign competitors qualifying entry times must be registered on their National FINA affiliated rankings database.
  7. ALL entries must be submitted electronically using the Online Summary Form
  8. This meet will be run using Hy-Tek Meet Manager software. Entry files from compatible team management software (e.g. Swim Manager or Team Unify) will be accepted.  SportSystems Entry Files are not compatible and cannot be accepted.


We are pleased to announce that Ben Davidson was appointed the official Photographer for this meet.

As soon as Ben has finished post-processing the many images he will have captured, they will be available on his website where you can view the images and purchase the images in raw downloadable format or in a printed format from a variety of options.

Thanks Ben!

Access to Poolside

A poolside pass is required for access to the pool area.  Technical Officials must wear their licence on poolside, all others must apply for a photo ID at this link.

Competitors from non-affiliated clubs

EVERY competitor entering this competition who is not a member of a Club/Organisation affiliated with Swim England/WASA/SASA must complete and return a Temporary Category 2 Membership Form at least two weeks prior to the start of the meet.

Each Temporary Membership:

  • is competitor specific
  • may not be transferred
  • costs £15.00; this fee cannot be offset against future full membership
  • is valid for all days/sessions of this licensed meet only – if the competitor wishes to attend future / other meets, a Form must be completed in each instance.
  • will provide the competitor with a membership number
  • will provide the competitor and the meet organisers with a basic level of insurance cover
  • will enable the results achieved at the licensed meet to be uploaded and viewed in the Swim England Rankings Online Database

It remains incumbent on each such competitor entering this meet, who is relying on Qualifying Times which are not registered on the Swim England Online Database, to submit sufficient documentary evidence of their entry times upon application.

Spectator Entry Fees

Entry to spectate the meets shall cost £10.00 per day (regardless of arrival/departure time) for all adults (16 years old and over).

Entry to spectate the meets shall be free-of-charge for all children (15 years old and younger).

There will be no printed programme available for this meet – we encourage all attendees to download and print the online programme at home prior to your arrival.

Live results

Live start lists and results will be provided during the meet in the HyTek Meet Mobile app.  The app can be downloaded from both Apple and Google app stores.


We would love to see your messages of support and congratulations along with your team/swimmer photoss too. Please tag us when posting on Twitter (@LondonSwimming) and use the hashtag #2020LondonOpen. Thanks.

Officials and non-technical volunteers

Technical Officials may register their willingness to volunteer your time for this event at this link.

Field of Play volunteers may register your willingness to volunteer your time for this event at this link.

We are very grateful for any offer of assistance.

Thank you.