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Latest Swim England London (Regional) Swimming Records & Documents

Click on one of the links below to download the latest records documents as well as the current Claim Criteria/Process document.

Swim England London Swimming Records

Swim England London – Records – Online Claim Form

Please click on this link –  Online Record Claim Form – this is the only method by which a record may be claimed.

Swim England London – Records – Claim Criteria

(Effective 14 February 2022)

1. Records must be claimed for the following stroke/distance combinations;

Freestyle50, 100, 200, 400, 800 and 1500 metres
Backstroke50, 100 and 200 metres
Breaststroke50, 100 and 200 metres
Butterfly50, 100 and 200 metres
Individual Medley100, 200 and 400 metres
Freestyle Team/Relay4 x 100 metres and 4 x 200 metres
Medley Team/Relay4 x 100 metres

NOTE 1:  A claimant must declare the names of all members of the Team for a Team/Relay record to be considered.

NOTE 2:  Records for Team/Relay events may only be claimed in the Open classification (see Criterion 4 below).

NOTE 3:  A record may also be achieved as a declared first leg in a Team/Relay event but only where this satisfies Criterion 7 below).

2. Records must be claimed as either:


3. Records must have been achieved in either:

A long-course swimming pool – 50 metres in length
A short-course swimming pool – 25 metres in length

4. Records must be claimed as either:

Open classification – no age restriction
Junior classification – restricted to records achieved by a swimmer when under the age of sixteen (16) years on the day of the swim.

NOTE 4:   A claimant must declare a date of birth for a Junior record claim to be considered.

5. Records must be achieved at one of the following:

An international competition (held outside of England, Scotland, or Wales)
A National or Regional (Swim England-affiliated) competition
A County (Swim England-affiliated) competition
A licensed competition at Level 1 or Level 2, held in England, Scotland, or Wales

6. Records must be achieved by:

A swimmer entered in the competition in name of a club affiliated to Swim England London region
A swimmer entered in the name of a country, a Swim England-affiliated Region, or a Swim England-affiliated County whilst, at the time of the competition, the swimmer is also a member of a club affiliated to Swim England London region

7. Records must be registered and visible on the Swim England/British Swimming Rankings database at the time of the claim.
8. Records must be claimed no later than ninety (90) days after the date of the swim.
9. Records must satisfy the ASA/Swim England laws regarding English records as applicable on the date of the swim.

Swim England London – Records – Claim Process

(Effective 14 February 2022)

1. All records must be claimed.

2. Swim England London region will not automatically recognise records including those achieved at a Swim England London event.

3. Claimants must fully complete the online form to lodge an official claim. Claims received via any other communication medium will not be considered.

4. Online claim form may be found here – Swim England London – Swimming Record Claim Form

5. Upon the submission of a claim, Swim England London shall assess the claim against all the criteria published in this document.

6. Where the claim does not satisfy one or more of the criteria, the claim shall be declined, and the Claimant will be contacted by email explaining the reason. The Claimant may resubmit a claim should the initial claim have been declined for data entry error/oversight.

7. Where the claim is assessed as being valid, the claim shall be approved.

8. The records published online in the Swim England London website – https://www.swimming.org/london/records/ – shall be updated accordingly. Best efforts will be applied to achieve this update swiftly. Swim England London expect that the minimum update cadence shall be monthly.

9. Swim England London give notice that announcement of the achievement of a record may be published on the approved social platforms used by the Region and elsewhere in the Swim England London webpage (other than the records page). A claimant approves the use of their name, their club and their achievement for such postings when submitting a claim.

10. Records approved/accepted prior to the effective date of this document shall not be reassessed retrospectively against the criteria defined in this document.

11. Disputes and/or appeals may be directed to the current Chair of the Events Team ([email protected]) but only once the full Claim Process (detailed above) has been completed. Record claims sent directly to this email address, or any other email address, will be disregarded without response/notice.