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Stronger Affiliation Reminder!

In line with the Swim England Stronger Affiliation process, all clubs which are not currently SwimMark accredited, are asked to submit the following six pieces of evidence and have them approved by December 2020:

  • Ensure club constitution has been checked by the region and is from 2018 Swim England Model Constitution onwards
  • Provide a signed statement of compliance by the Welfare officer stating the club is being run in accordance with WavePower guidelines
  • Submit a signed statement of compliance that the club is following Swim England Code of Ethics and has role descriptions within the club
  • Provide Risk Assessments relevant to the activities of your club
  • Submit the Club personnel report which shows all individuals involved in the running of the club under the following headings: Teachers,Coaches,Technical Officials,Governance roles,Competition positions,Support positions,  which can be downloaded from the OMS (the Online Membership System)
  • Submit Safeguarding certificate and Time to Listen certificate (from ASA (Swim England) approved course list) for Club Welfare Officer.

Clubs that fail to submit the evidence will see them being suspended temporarily or permanently at the beginning of 2021.

Here are the dates of upcoming national webinars, to book a place please contact: clubdevelopment@swimming.org

Tuesday 3rd November 12.00-13.00

Friday 6th November 12.30-13.30

Thursday 12th November 17.30-18.30