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Swim England London Welfare Officer Networking & Training Workshop

The Region is delighted to confirm that we will be holding a workshop to support our Club Welfare Officers. These are taking place on Monday 18th July (noon to 2pm) and Thursday 21st July (6pm to 8pm).There are limited places available on both dates so if you are interested in attending please email us HERE

Please note that you do not need to attend on both dates as the content covered will be the same.

The workshops will be facilitated by our Regional Welfare Officer, Annelli Peavot.

Annelli currently works within the field of elite dance training in the role of Assistant Principal – with responsibility for Safeguarding and Health and Wellbeing. Over the years Annelli has worked with a number of organisations including the British Gymnastics Team and the Sports and Recreation Association in training and developing best practice across their organisations in safeguarding. Read more about Annelli HERE

All of you working with young people maintain some level of privileged relationship  and your role within this relationship is to help children reach their full potential whilst protecting their social, emotional, intellectual and physical needs.

Within the upcoming workshop Annelli is hoping to explore privileged relationships and how to recognise when they may be shifting from being a positive force into a negative, controlling influence, where the needs of the adult override those of the child.