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SE London Winter Championships 2021

Competitive Swimming

Key Logistics Information for the 6th & 7th Weekend

  • There is no catering at the venue.  Athletes, coaches and spectators should self-cater.
  • We will provide catering for Field of Play volunteers and Technical Officials
  • The entrance and exit for spectators is on the upper concourse on the Stadium side of the venue.  The entry fee is £10 per day, or any part thereof, by card (preferred) or cash.
  • There will be hoodies available for sale near the entrance.
  • The entrance and exit for athletes, coaches, Field of Play volunteers and Technical officials is on the lower level opposite the entrance to the LAC car park on the Westfield side of the venue.
  • Coaches and Field of Play volunteers must collect or present their poolside pass to gain access to the venue.
  • Technical officials must present their Licence to gain access to the venue.

Meet Programmes

Start Lists


Extension to Closing Date

The on-line entries portal for the meet closed automatically at 10pm on Wednesday, 20 October.

Partly I suspect as a result of continued restrictions to training time, we still have space in the meet to admit some additional entries.  We have done this by creating an additional meet with lower consideration times which you can use in your team management systems to create an additional meet entry file for any additional swims.

The on-line entries portal now has an additional meet into which you can enter your new entry file.  The meet is now open for entries and will close at 10pm on Thursday 28 October.  You can use your existing portal registration details to access the new meet.

We will publish the accepted and rejected entries later today from the files you have already submitted.  Your additional files should NOT include any of the accepted entries you have already submitted.  To facilitate this, the new HyTek Meet Events file is attached at this link.  This file has the previous qualifying times as upper limit times so that you can configure your team management system to exclude swimmers who previously qualified for the meet.  This will mean only those who now meet the consideration times will show on an eligibility report.  Your new files can include swimmers who do not meet the consideration times.  You will need to turn off “enforce qualifying times” within your team management software if you want to do that.

We will add swimmers to the meet after the closing date next week based on entry times by age group by event until we are full.  You should expect rejections from this second entry file, especially if you have turned off enforcing qualifying times.

Accepted Entries

The updated Accepted Entries report can be accessed at the link below.  This has been updated for a check against Rankings and entries with ineligible times have been scratched.  Clubs have been notified through their Competition Secretary of those affected.  We will reinstate a scratched entry if an eligible time is provided.

We have now updated the Accepted Entry list for the extended meet entries.  The number of entries accepted through the Qualifying entry process was 1,843.  We have added a further 819 entries through the Consideration entry process.

Rejected Entries

The entries shown in this tablehave been rejected through the Qualifying entry process because the submitted time did not meet the Qualifying Time for the course entered.  Club’s may reenter these swims in the additional meet and they will be considered as described above.  If any of these swimmers are para-swimmers, they should be reentered in the additional meet using the “Individual” entry button and their classifications must be provided.

The entries in this table have been rejected based on time by age group to fill the meet.  This was done by session to maximise the amount of swimming available to our athletes.

COVID Update

This meet will go ahead on 6 and 7 November using the COVID Procedures agreed with the facility operator.  The details of these procedures are now available at the link below.


Saturday 6 November 2021

Sunday 7 November 2021

London Aquatics Centre, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Stratford, London. (2LR211006)

Useful Contacts

  • The Promoter for this event is Alan Thurlow (contact)
  • The Meet Manager for this event is Nick Hallam (contact).
  • The Lead Referee for this event is Ralph Shortland (contact).

Key Meet Information

  1. A swimmer’s age shall be determined as at midnight on 31 December 2021.
  2. The closing deadline for all entries and full payment is 20 October 2021.  Now extended to 28 October 2021.
  3. ALL entries must be submitted electronically using the Online Club Entry Form or the Online Individual Entry Form.
  4. This meet will be run using Hy-Tek Meet Manager software. Entry files from compatible team management software (e.g. Swim Manager or Team Unify) will be accepted.  SportSystems Entry Files are not compatible and cannot be accepted.
  5. Competitors (or their representatives) who are not intending to swim must submit official withdrawal forms, either electronically, providing the information prescribed on the Withdrawal form – up to midday on Friday 5th November 2021 (the day before the start of the competition), or at the Withdrawals table at the pool by completing an official withdrawal form no later than 60 minutes before the advertised starting time of the first event in each session.  An announcement will be made of the finalists and 2 reserves for each event as the meet progresses.  The announcement will include a time by which finalists and reserves can withdraw from a final.  A fine will be levied on the club under whose name the swimmer is entered if a swimmer does not withdraw from a final in time by completeing the withdrawal form at the Withdrawals table and does not swim, and the swimmer concerned will be scratched from all events entered for the remainder of the meet.

Access to Poolside

A poolside pass is required for access to the pool area.  Technical Officials must wear their licence on poolside, all others must apply for a photo ID at this link or re-use the pass issued for the SE Festival of Swimming. (This link will be disabled on Friday, 5 November at 10am to allow for printing of passes.  It will be enabled again at 7am Saturday, 6 November for any late requests).

Spectator Entry Fees

Entry to spectate the meets shall cost £10.00 per day (regardless of arrival/departure time) for all adults (16 years old and over).

There will be no printed programme available for this meet – we encourage all attendees to download and print the online programme at home prior to your arrival.

Start Lists and Results

Live start lists and results will be provided during the meet in the HyTek Meet Mobile app.  The app can be downloaded from both Apple and Google app stores.

The schedule of events is now available in the HyTek Meet Mobile app.


We would love to see your messages of support and congratulations along with your team/swimmer photoss too. Please tag us when posting on Twitter (@LondonSwimming) and use the hashtag #2021LondonFestival. Thanks.

Officials and non-technical volunteers

Technical Officials may register their willingness to volunteer your time for this event at this link.

Field of Play volunteers may register your willingness to volunteer your time for this event at this link.

We are very grateful for any offer of assistance.

Thank you.

Meet Entries

We have updated our on-line meet entry form this year to allow individual entries to be made for Masters and Para Swimmers.

The form looks different but it operates the same way for Club competition secretaries in allowing you to upload your meet entry file in either an SD3 or HY3 file format.  The confirmation of what we have processed is now displayed for you on line so you will not be getting a separate email from our Meet Admin to confirm what we have received.  You can also delete an existing entry file and upload a new one if you have made changes before 20 October (the closing date).  You can also withdraw a swimmer from a specific event.

Any Masters or Para Swimmer making an individual entry should use this online form too by selecting the “Individual Entry” option.  Para swimmers will be asked to enter their classification.  Clubs should also use this option to enter Para Swimmers.

Meet Documents