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Swim England affiliated clubs can apply for Allianz Sports Fund following nominations

Aquatics clubs affiliated with Swim England can apply for funding to help them in continuing to provide opportunities within their local communities.

Following nominations from the national governing body’s broker partner, Howden Insurance Brokers, all clubs now have the opportunity to apply.

The Allianz Sports Fund is this year focusing on clubs looking to support and inspire their members to continue participating throughout 2023.

Allianz is the worldwide Olympic and Paralympic insurance partner and states the impact caused by the pandemic on local clubs as the reason for this focus.

Grants of £500, £1,000, £2,000 and £3,000 are available for clubs who take part in an Olympic or Paralympic sport.

Applications are currently open for the first round of funding, with the deadline set at Friday 24 February.

Successful applications will notified by 5pm on Friday 24 March.

The second round of funding will launch on Wednesday 20 September and will remain open for one month, closing on Friday 20 October.

The announcement date for that round of funding is Monday 13 November.

Application information

In order for clubs to be eligible to apply, they must satisfy the four following requirements:

  • Has been nominated by a broker partner of Allianz Insurance plc
  • Takes part in an Olympic or Paralympic sport
  • Is registered with their National Governing Body
  • Has an official bank account registered in the club’s name

As part of the application, Allianz will require some information regarding the broker who has nominated your club.

Therefore, the following will need to be included:

  • First name: Amanda
  • Last name: Wynne-Jones
  • Email: amanda.wynne-jones@howdengroup.com
  • Broker company name: Howden Insurance Brokers
  • Association between broker and club: National Governing Body’s appointed insurance broker
  • Your local Allianz branch: Birmingham

For more information, including the link to apply, visit the Allianz Sports Fund Club Hub.