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Price of Awards Direct to increase by 10p from 1 April 2024

The cost of Swim England’s customised Learn to Swim Awards is to rise from 1 April 2024.

Awards Direct allows parents to order Swim England Awards direct to their door, personalised with their child’s name and their swim school provider logo.

Thousands of bespoke Learn to Swim Awards have been purchased since Swim England launched the service in October 2021.

Providers can choose between two different price points for parents to purchase their awards.

They are either £4.60 from 1 April, an increase of 2.22 per cent from the current price of £4.50, or £5.60, a rise of 1.82 per cent from the current £5.50.

This is for one customised certificate, a cloth badge and includes postage.

Awards Direct offers huge benefits to both businesses and customers.

For businesses, it provides an efficient service, eliminating the time and effort in ordering, designing and delivering awards, awards are co-branded for a more professional look, there is zero stock control, commission earning and no up front cost.

The benefits to customers include a customised award, which is posted direct to the child in a personalised envelope. They have the option to purchase multiple quantities of the same award while parents feel more empowered and involved in their child’s learn to swim journey.

Income generated from the sale of the Learn to Swim Awards is reinvested in Swim England and funds key areas of the charity’s work.

This includes:

  • Ensuring the Swim England Learn To Swim programme syllabus remains world-leading, providing children and adults with the best framework to learn a vital skill
  • Developing the new Swim School membership – where premium members receive 10 per cent discount on awards purchased.
  • Free content on Swim England’s Vimeo site, including Learn to Swim minis
  • Providing Learn to Swim flash cards in 18 different languages
  • Free digital downloadable resources which will be incorporated into Swim England’s new online store, which is due to launch later this year
  • Continuing to update the free Swim England Learn to Swim app, which celebrates children collecting more Learn to Swim Awards by unlocking more characters and stickers as they progress through the Swim England Learn to Swim Programme.

To find out if Awards Direct can help move your business forward, email learntoswim@swimming.org