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Aquatics community shares it's love for their pools on Big Swim Day

Swim England members, clubs, swim schools and everyone involved in the aquatics community have been visiting their local pools to celebrate their facilities on Big Swim Day.

The event, organised by Community Leisure UK, aimed to demonstrate the importance of our facilities to the Government – with those facilities struggling to survive due to crippling energy costs.

It comes as Community Leisure UK, which represents the operators of 880 pools across England, Scotland and Wales, warns that ‘half of the UK’s community swimming pools face closure or service cuts within six months.’

And Swim England members up and down the country have been celebrating their pools today to help urge action in order to #SaveOurPools.

Newquay Cormorants Swimming Club wrote on Facebook: “Today is #bigswimday and it provides us with an opportunity to think about how important our local pools are!

“Our swimmers are about to complete the final part of the Cornwall County Championships this weekend and they couldn’t do it without local pools providing spaces for them to train.

“With large premises to maintain and energy costs to meet, our pools have a big job to do and we’re so very happy when they’re open and we’re in that water!

“Let’s shout together #SaveOurPools !!!”

And for some, Big Swim Day was a return to the pool, like Twitter user ‘@MrsBosanquet’ who posted: “#SaveOurPools and a very happy 2023 #BigSwimDay at my oasis @HamptonPool.

“Amazing 1st swim after my 2 week break with the fab-u-lous Joanna and my gang the @AquaFolk. I was so stiff and bones creaking but now I’m as light as air.”

Young para-swimmer Maisie Catt also pointed out the significant impact pools have on the nation’s health.

She tweeted saying: “Swimming pools are vital to the nations physical and mental health. Please give them the support they desperately need and add them to the ETII list.”

Former international swimmer Michael Gunning showed his continued passion for providing people the opportunity to learn to swim.

He posted this message on social media: “Happy #BigSwimDay Everyone! As you all know, I’m extremely passionate about providing opportunities for everyone to learn & enjoy the skill of swimming!

“This week we sent an urgent plea to our UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak for greater support to #SaveOurPools!”

Swim England were part of that coalition of more than 200 bodies and individuals from health, sport, recreation and leisure which sent a letter to the Prime Minister asking for further support for pools and facilities.

And Labour MP for Warrington North, Charlotte Nichols, celebrated her pool today saying: “It’s #BigSwimDay so after today’s Warrington North surgeries at the Orford Jubilee Hub, what better reason to meet @YourLiveWire and go for a dip in one of our brilliant local pools?

“Whatever your level, swimming is a great way to keep fit and there’s sessions for everyone!”

Tiverton Swimming Club wrote a passionate message on Instagram about the importance of our pools: “We love our sport & need pools to….

“Learn to swim, develop our life skills, learn to race and dive, meet our friends, compete against other clubs, have fun, keep fit and healthy, stay happy and focused, relax and unwind, play a fantastic sport, enrich the community, volunteer opportunities, develop resilience, become a team, job opportunities, lifeguard skills and so much more.

“Pools are special places and the heart of our community 💜 pools must stay.”

Jane Nickerson, Swim England chief executive, thanked everyone for sending in their messages and sharing their support.

She said: “Swim England are so pleased to support Big Swim Day. It’s a day that gives all of us who love the water the opportunity to shout about all the reasons why our pools are so important to us and to the country.

“This has never been more important than now, with pools under threat due to rising energy prices and a lack of financial support from the Government.

“It’s been incredible to see all the messages from clubs and pools across the country, showing so clearly how important our pools are to people – and happy swimming to everyone that took part.”