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Show wave of support and celebrate ‘much-loved’ pools on Big Swim Day

Swim England’s members plus affiliated clubs and swim schools are being encouraged to show a wave of support on a nationwide day to celebrate ‘much-loved’ pools.

Community Leisure UK’s Big Swim Day is taking place on Friday 24 February and aims to demonstrate to the Government how important facilities are to millions of people up and down the country.

Massively increased energy bills mean many pools are facing the risk of closure unless they receive additional financial support.

The Big Swim Day is part of the #SaveOurPools campaign and is being backed by Swim England and a host of organisations and leisure operators.

It aims to show people’s true feeling for pools by going along for a swim, attending a club training session or swimming lessons and then sharing across social media why they are so special.

Jane Nickerson, Swim England chief executive, hoped clubs and members would get behind the Big Swim Day.

She said: “Pools have faced several years of unprecedented pressures and challenging circumstances, with first the Covid pandemic and now crippling energy bills threatening their future.

Powerful and timely message

“We’re hoping to show the Government just how loved and important they are to millions of people with a wave of support on Big Swim Day.

“It would be great to see so many pictures of members in their club kit poolside or of individuals outside their local pool – and then sharing why they are so important to them across social media

“If you’ve not been down to your local pool for a while, Big Swim Day is the perfect opportunity to take the plunge again and rediscover the many physical and mental health benefits of water-based exercise.

“We’ll be contacting our clubs and swim schools to suggest ways to get involved and I’m looking forward to hearing some wonderful stories which will send a powerful and timely message to Westminster.”

Swim England has played a key role in the #SaveOurPools campaign, which has involved lobbying ministers on the urgent need for further help to avoid facility closures and service reductions on a national level.

It is feared soaring energy bills could result in millions missing out on these ‘essential local services’ which, in turn, will pile more pressure on the NHS as people can’t access facilities to help manage a range of health conditions.

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