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Swim England launches innovative project to help develop aquatics businesses

Swim England has launched an innovative project to help develop aquatics businesses – and increase the opportunities for people to go swimming.

The recognised national governing body’s Business Solutions initiative aims to incorporate industry leading insight, experience and best practise knowledge to help leisure providers create sustainable solutions to aquatic business development.

Swim England will work closely with a wide range of customers from swim schools focused on learning to swim, multiple site operators through to large capital investment projects for local authorities. 

Products provided by Business Solutions include facility build and design consultation, feasibility and business planning plus operational and strategic consultation.

Support growth and development

Natalie McGuire, Swim England senior engagement manager, said: “All the Business Solutions projects are driven through robust insight and supported by experienced professionals that span every department in Swim England. 

“Never before has the aquatics sector had this sort of service available to them and we’re excited to be able to utilise more than 150 years of experience to support growth and development and drive best practice.

“It could be a new pool being built by a local authority or a swim school looking to expand – whatever the size of the scheme, Swim England Business Solutions is here to help.

To find out more about Business Solutions, please email business.solutions@swimming.org.