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New club personnel report will help to 'lessen the burden' on volunteers

A new personnel report that will ease the workload on officials and also help clubs meet the requirements of Stronger Affiliation and SwimMark has been created by Swim England.

It has been set-up following feedback from clubs which have completed the processes aimed at proving they are safe and sustainable environments for members.

The Club Personnel Report covers all roles within Swim England’s affiliated clubs and uses the existing Online Membership System (OMS) – something that is familiar to all clubs.

Clubs are now being urged to ensure data of their volunteers is recorded onto OMS and those details can then be downloaded into the personnel report to be used for Stronger Affiliation and SwimMark.

Claire Coleman, Swim England Head of Development, said: “It is recognised that clubs already provide information to Swim England through a number of different ways, including the membership renewals process and safeguarding training.

“We are now in a position to support clubs with access to this data and lessen the burden on volunteers.

Check the data

“The Club Personnel Report covers all roles within our affiliated clubs but it is essential that clubs check the data on OMS is up to date to identify the roles of their volunteers.

“The more insight we obtain about those supporting our affiliated clubs, the greater opportunity we have of working collaboratively to determine the support required across the community.”

Benefits of the Club Personnel Report are:

  • To reinforce the WavePower 2020-23 messages and requirements by supporting clubs with SwimMark and Stronger Affiliation submissions
  • To ensure the club officer contact details are up to date so the club doesn’t miss any key information distributed by Swim England
  • To allow further connections to the club personnel as a whole
  • To provide members with possible additional opportunities, both delivery and training
  • To provide clubs with live and accurate information on their club workforce (i.e. Swim England led qualifications, safeguarding training and club DBS)
  • To allow Swim England and it’s clubs to demonstrate leading best practice in terms of recording and quality assuring their workforce

Any club officer who is currently registered on the Online Membership System (OMS), either as the main Online Administrator or as a Deputy Online Administrator, can populate the report.

If you have any questions about the new Club Personnel Report, please email clubdevelopment@swimming.org.