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Here are your nominees for the Swim England Engagement Innovation Award

The Swim England National Awards 2021 is a chance to recognise and celebrate the incredible spirit of the aquatics community – especially evident during these challenging times.

The awards ceremony will be streamed live on the Swim England Facebook page on Saturday 9 October.

Each day in the run up to the awards, the spotlight will be on the shortlisted nominees for each of the categories.

The nominees for the second award, the Swim England Engagement Innovation Award, are:

Barracudas Task Force – Leyland Barracudas ASC (North West Region)

This group of volunteers was established at the beginning of the first lockdown period in England and succeeded in keeping their club communication strong.

Adopting new software allowed them to deliver training and activities virtually, some of which included quizzes, challenges, baking competitions, cook-a-longs, as well as educational content such as the importance of nutrition and hydration.

Their enthusiasm for this new way of life never wavered, maintaining motivation and interest levels throughout that period.

Stewart Park and Nikki Merrill – Norwich Swan Swimming Club (East Region)

Stewart Park and Nikki Merrill, head coach and assistant head coach of Norwich Swan SC, have been jointly nominated for this award for their innovative and creative approach to lockdown training.

A weekly vlog formed the backbone of their interactive content, allowing swimmers to take part in various goals and challenges, as well as being a platform for advice and motivation.

This became a highlight of the week for many of the athletes in the club.

Rushmoor club captains – Rushmoor Royals (South East Region)

Rushmoor Royals’ club captains and vice-captains have played a crucial role for the club and its members throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

The group of Zack Westhead, Ella Holdway, Jess Cross, Charlie Palmer, Matt Batchelor, Liv Price, Aidan Gill and Emily Buist were helpful, encouraging, innovative and supportive to those around them.

These swimmers assisted in creating a healthy and positive environment for their club and have received thanks and appreciation as a result.

Hannah Secher – Rugby Artistic Swimming Club (West Midlands Region)

Head coach of Rugby Artistic Swimming Club, Hannah Secher, has been commended for her hard work, constant communication with the club’s members and ensuring everyone remained connected throughout lockdown periods.

Rugby Artistic Swimming Club has been described as her ‘extended family’, with her energy throughout the pandemic being spent on ensuring athletes remained engaged with their sport.

Emma Dodd – Soundwell Swimming Club (South West)

Emma Dodd’s selfless work throughout the pandemic has ensured that her club, Soundwell SC, were able to create an additional squad in the last 18 months.

She has been described as the ‘lynchpin’ of her club as a result of her work as vice-chair, Covid-lead, Learn-to-Swim coordinator and swimming coach.

Her work ethic and enthusiasm to support her club has earned her this nomination.

City of Sheffield Diving Club (North East Region)

The closure of their home pool saw City of Sheffield Diving Club having to work extra hard to engage and motivate their members.

The club’s senior divers created 10 pre-recorded home workout videos which were shared with clubs across the whole of the UK.

A wide variety of virtual training and activities, paired with the club’s resilience and strength, sees them as worthy nominees for this award.