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Swim England jointly launches new Event Volunteer Hub

A new hub to raise the awareness of major event volunteering in aquatics has been jointly launched by Swim England, British Swimming, Scottish Swimming and Swim Wales. 

The Event Volunteer Hub, hosted by British Swimming, is the result of a collaboration between all governing bodies in aquatics.

It details everything from the roles available, the benefits of getting involved and the types of skills that can be gained.

Jane Nickerson, Swim England CEO, said: “Volunteers play a crucial role at all our aquatic events at all levels from County to National.

“We rely heavily on the skills, knowledge and commitment of people who volunteer to give up their free time to help events run smoothly and we can’t thank them enough.

Rewarding experience

“Those that have helped us in the past have told us what a rewarding experience it has been and we hope many more will take a look at the new Event Volunteer Hub and be inspired to volunteer at events in the future.”

Jack Buckner, British Swimming CEO, said: “Volunteers are the heart and soul of our events and without them they simply could not be delivered.

“The energy, enthusiasm and expertise demonstrated by volunteers will continue to remain at the centre of our athlete’s and spectator’s experience.

“Our new Event Volunteer Hub provides everything you need to start your volunteering journey at aquatic events.”