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GLL supports record number of aquatic athletes

GLL has announced that more than 400 aquatics athletes across the UK will receive funding and support via the GLL Sport Foundation (GSF).

The GSF is the largest independent athlete support programme in the UK. Since 2007, the programme has provided over 13,000 athlete awards.

The athlete awards cover swimming (Olympic, Paralympic, Deaflympic and Special Olympic), diving, synchronised swimming and water polo. Eighty nine per cent of the award recipients get no other funding, so the GSF helps to fill a vital funding gap for young athletes.

Paralympic champion and GSF ambassador Susie Rodgers talked about how the GSF funding awards helped her on her sporting journey.

Susie said: “Since Rio I have since learned that I am GSF’s most decorated Paralympian. This was a culmination of many years of training and support from GSF throughout.

“I am and have been proud to be a GSF ambassador, and now look to support, build opportunities and inspire the next generation of athletes across the UK to achieve sporting success.”

The Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games were a historic success for British aquatics athletes. GSF-supported athletes also broke the Foundation’s record medal haul, with 20 medals won between them.

What support do athletes get from GSF?

GSF athletes receive a comprehensive awards package that covers both financial and training support. They get grants up to the value of £1,250 and free training memberships which allow access to over 300 sites.

Sports science, medical support and employment opportunities which focus on supporting their athlete journey are also part of the package.

GSF Chair Peter Bundey paid tribute to the athletes, programme stakeholders and also highlighted the impact the Foundation is making. He commented: “Congratulations to all of the athletes receiving awards. We know first hand the commitment, effort and sacrifices they are making to perform at their best.

“I would like to thank all our partners and sponsors for their support for the programme. SportsAid, British Swimming and Swim England ensure direct links to Sport Governing Body talent pathways. Our many corporate sponsors headlined by GLL and Technogym, numerous local authorities, university and physiotherapy partners directly contribute to support these sporting dreams to become a reality”.

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