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Half Fish HQ and Steffie Croxson take Inclusion and health Education and Teaching awards

Half Fish HQ took the Swim England Approved Training Centre Inclusion Champions award after ensuring they ‘put a little bit of us into everybody that comes through the door’.

Shelley Whitehead collected the award for Half Fish HQ and explained how much work they put in to make sure everyone feels welcome.

She said: ““Those people who know us, understand the passion we put in to what we’re doing by making it such an exciting environment to learn.

“We try to put a little bit of us to everybody who comes through our door.

“Half Fish HQ is located in a highly deprived and a really diverse community and teaching staff too. We work hard to include everyone in everything we do because we just want people to come and enjoy swimming.”

“We’ve never won anything before so I’m delighted to recieve this!”

Half Fish HQ recognises that all learners are different and aims to support them on the journey they take with them when undertaking their Swim England Qualifications and CPDs.

On booking a course each candidate is asked what if any support they need in order to support their learning journey. Over time they have supported learners with dyslexia, low self-esteem, confidence, mental health issues and physical disabilities.

Steffie Croxson of MyTime active wins Swim England Health Impact award

MyTime active’s Steffie Croxson was recognised for her crucial work in bringing Swim England’s water wellbeing product to life at The Spa Beckenham.

Coming from a PT and Group exercise background, Steffie has brought the right level of energy and knowledge about our customers’ needs and converted them to the pool to create our sessions.

The participant’s love her and we have had such good feedback from customers whose mobility, breathing, general health has improved by taking part in her sessions.

After collected her award she said: “I’m absolutely thrilled, I never thought I’d win because especially Nicky Wilson and all the other nominees are doing such amazing work.

“This means a lot because the work we put in for our customers with long term health conditions, it really does benefit their life.

“If you do have a long term health condition please do get into the water because it really is going to benefit you.”

Nicky Wilson was named runner up after he’s put every effort into establishing, embedding and now scaling the Community Therapeutic Aquatic Activity service to create health and wellbeing capacity for local residents with musculoskeletal conditions.

Photos – Will Johnston Photography