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Swim England I CAN Awards

Did you know that the Swim England Pre-School Framework includes nine I CAN Awards? These Awards offer a great opportunity for lesson providers to further reward and recognise the children learning on their programme.

What are the I CAN Awards?

These Awards are designed to help motivate those new to the Learn to Swim Programme who have achieved a significant outcome, including:

  • I CAN enter the water safely
  • I CAN jump in
  • I CAN float on my back
  • I CAN float on my front
  • I CAN roll over
  • I CAN blow bubbles
  • I CAN enter turn and return
  • I CAN exit safely
  • I CAN swim

Why deliver the I CAN Awards?

The I CAN Awards complement the Discovery Duckling and Duckling Awards, offering you further opportunities to reward and recognise milestones for children learning to swim.

These Awards can be delivered as part of the Swim England Pre-School Framework, Learn to Swim Framework, or as part of a School Swimming and Water Safety programme to reward and recognise significant milestones.

Introducing the I CAN Awards is easy!

Swimming teachers can present the I CAN Awards at their discretion, often after a learner has completed a significant outcome whilst working towards a Duckling or Discovery Duckling Awards. These Awards will motivate the swimmer to keep progressing whilst learning to swim. Programmes should look for consistency and safe practice and never force any outcomes to be completed.

The I CAN Awards are available via the Swim England Online Shop. Looking for some more information? Email our Learn to Swim team today.