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Ian Mackenzie to continue as Swim England President for extra 12 months

Swim England President Ian Mackenzie is to stay in the role for a further 12 months until May 2022.

With the majority of Swim England events being cancelled this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, Ian has been unable to carry out the usual duties associated with being President.

Therefore the Swim England regions, who nominate the President every year apart from when the Commonwealth or Olympic Games is held in England, have requested that Ian is allowed to continue in the role for a further year.

It means Doug Whitlam, from the East Midlands region, will now postpone his presidency until May 2023.

He was due to take on the role in May 2021 before handing over the ceremonial chains to North West region’s Jim Wilks, who was selected by the Swim England board to be President in the Commonwealth Games year.

Doug was thanked by Ian, who will now spend a total of 135 weeks as Swim England President.

Ian said: “I am very appreciative of the regional chairs in allowing me to have this extension of my Swim England presidency to May 2022.

“My presidency so far has been unusual to say the least, but life has been unusual for everyone, in particular our athletes.

“I look forward to meeting the athletes again on the poolside and seeing them in competition.

“My thanks also go to Vice President Doug Whitlam for postponing his move to the office of President, not just for a year, but for two years, as the President for the Commonwealth Games year, 2022, Jim Wilks has already been appointed.

Tremendous job

“I am really looking forward to meeting our volunteers again around the country.

“They do a tremendous job in ensuring that the competitions happen and that the athletes have the best possible experience in our sport.”

Jane Nickerson, Swim England chief executive, appreciated the suggestion made by the regions to extend Ian’s presidency.

“It’s always a great honour to be named Swim England President and everyone relishes the chance to go around the country to watch our fantastic sports and meet the people who make them happen,” she said.

“Unfortunately, the pandemic means Ian hasn’t been able to carry out his role as he would like and I wish to express my thanks to the regions for suggesting he continue in the post for an extra year.

“I’d especially like to thank Doug as well for agreeing to postpone his presidency for two years. It’s a thoughtful gesture which I know is very much appreciated by Ian.”