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Implementing the Swim England Aquatic Skills Framework

As with any new activity, when implementing the Swim England Aquatic Skills Framework in your facility, we recommend start small and allow for additional space for the activity to grow and develop when it proves to be popular.

Below is a general plan of how we recommend you start planning for your new activity.

Training and Development

Example actionPotential outcomes
Identify and train workforce.

Identify teachers who would like to deliver Stages 8-10.

Deliver accredited Stages 8-10 CPD course(s).

Teacher workforce trained.

Potential links made with local club coaches (if applicable).

Teacher resources provided as part of CPD and made available for delivery

Run Intro / Trainer Sessions

Example actionPotential outcomes
Taster sessions offered during holiday periods.

Sessions booked across all sites.

Suitable pool space.

45 minutes-1 hour session.

Advertise to schools, swim schools, club networks, gymnastics, dance, dodgeball, handball, trampolining.

Raise the profile of Stages 8-10 in the aquatic disciplines.

Review taster programme and create action plan for further delivery or improvement.

Signpost participants to further taster sessions or lesson programme.

Implement Stages 8-10 lesson programme.

Gather insight from participants.Understand the market.

Where did the participants come from? (E.g. school swimming, learn to swim, gymnastics, dance, dodgeball, handball or trampolining)

Gender differences.

Social background.

Report successful programmes and positive case studies to Swim England.

Implement Stages 8 – 10 Sessions

Example actionPotential outcomes
Deliver Stages 8-10 as a retention and development/directional tool, alongside the Swim England Learn to Swim Framework.Offer Stages 8-10 lesson programme, either as an alternative or in addition to Learn to Swim lessons.

Identify future opportunities for potential growth as sessions develop.