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Jane Nickerson gives unique insight into life as Swim England chief executive

Swim England chief executive Jane Nickerson has given a unique insight into the work that goes into running a national governing body in a new podcast.

Jane explains how Swim England has worked hard to keep the aquatics community together as pools were closed across the country when the nation was put into lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The 30-minute chat with experienced Anything But Footy hosts John Cushing and Michael Weadock also delves into how Swim England team members coped with working through a pandemic and takes a close look at the #OpenOurPools campaign.

It is the latest in a series of Great British Bosses features which profile the men and women responsible for running sport in the country.

Jane also discusses her worry that we will ‘lose a generation of children’ learning to swim and her fears that many talented swimmers will also lose their love of the sport as pools remain closed in many parts of the country.

She discusses the fight for funding from the Government to ensure leisure facilities can reopen and the in-depth work carried out to ensure swimmers could return to the pool safely.

The podcast also covers how Swim England deals with safeguarding issues, the detailed effort taking place to increase BAME participation in all aquatic disciplines and how it’s vital children leave primary school able to swim.

She also gives a glimpse into her voluntary work with the Samaritans, how she became the chief executive of the Amateur Swimming Association and the project to change its name to Swim England.

You can listen to the Great British Bosses podcast by downloading it from Anything But Footy.