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More so than ever before, we’re relying on your support in our fight for pools

Chief executive Jane Nickerson explains why Swim England’s new supporter packages will be vital to the organisation’s work.

One thing the coronavirus pandemic has shown us is how we can truly unite in the face of adversity.

While pools were shut, we found innovative ways to ensure training routines wouldn’t be disrupted despite the lack of water.

While we couldn’t meet in person during lockdown, friends and team mates would chat virtually through Zoom and enjoy quizzes and other activities on designated club nights.

While face-face courses were cancelled, we adapted and created online training so our teachers, coaches and volunteers could still develop their skill set.

While we found ourselves frustrated at pools not reopening when the first phase of lockdown was eased, you backed us in your tens of thousands.

All of this was done while we waited for the light at the end of the tunnel – the chance to finally get back into the water.

When that date finally arrived, it was a relief to many.

Yet, sadly, thousands still find themselves in the same position now as they did during lockdown as pools simply can’t afford to reopen in the current climate.

Even those pools that have opened their doors might not have given clubs the access they once used to or are yet to start swimming lessons.

Couldn’t do this without you

We’ve been tirelessly campaigning on behalf of all our members, affiliated clubs, recreational swimmers and those who love our sports – which sadly remain under threat.

That fight will go on – but we need your support.

As a registered charity, every single penny we raise is put back into the work that we do.

While we do receive some Government funding, we have to generate cash to support much of our work, whether that be participation in all our sports, helping our affiliated clubs, our health and wellbeing model or industry-leading learn to swim programmes.

However, our finances have been stretched and, more so than ever before, we’re relying on your generosity to help us keep shouting loud and #fightingforpools.

Our new supporter packages launched this week will be an invaluable source of income for all the inspirational work that is carried out by the dedicated team at Swim England.

It will also prove to be vital as we continue to lobby for the necessary funding to enable all pools to safely reopen and give people the opportunity to enjoy the water again.

If you’re already part of our 200,000-strong Swim England family, we thank you. This campaign is to provide you with even greater support and benefits.

Please encourage your friends, family, work colleagues to join us – the more we have backing us, the harder it will be to ignore us. Of course, you can join too if you want!

Thanks once again – we couldn’t do this without you all.

Jane M Nickerson