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Celebrate #LearnToSwim this Autumn

On 19 September 2018, we will be launching a brand new competition for parents of children learning to swim to win a year of swimming lessons for their little one, with 10 of these to give away!

Learn To Swim Resources

Find out more about the Learn to Swim Awards and marketing resources in our Teaching Swimming Hub.

We want as many people as possible sharing their stories and experiences of why it is so important for all children to learn to swim.

Research from the Swim England 2017 Parent Survey tells us that the top five motivations for ensuring children learn to swim all relate to a child being safe in the water and building water confidence, in particular if the child is in trouble.

Yet we often hear stories where children are removed from swimming lessons before this is the case. 76% of people trust content from “average” people more than a brand advertising, so let’s get parents listening to other parents to make a difference!

Utilising the power of social media, we want to make a difference this Autumn, by getting parents, guardians, grandparents, teachers, even children, all talking about why it is so important to learn to swim (and why it is so much fun!).