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Swim England members share the reasons why they love their sport on social media

Swim England members have been sharing why they love their respective sports as part of the #YourMembershipCounts campaign.

Despite not being able to take part in much aquatic activity this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, many still shared comments on the Swim England social media channels.

As everyone knows, being in the water has an array of physical and mental health benefits, which is why Swim England continues to fight for pools to be classed as an essential service.

Sarah Rosewell explained that, for her, swimming is a “form of meditating”.

She added: “It’s a time to switch off and enjoy swimming through water. It’s my time 😊”

Jo Corben revealed: “Team South Downs Trojan Swimming Club saved me and others from a very dark place. They are one big family and I am incredibly thankful to them ❤”

Artistic swimmer Livvy Shelton says swimming keeps her fit and helps her to relax – and although her first years at Green Arrows Artistic Swimming Club hasn’t gone to plan, she loves the club and the sport.

“We are in the pool and the girls have been amazing – role on normality,” she added.

Masters swimmer Lesley Wilde-Griffiths shared some inspirational messages.

Lesley is now focusing on getting back to the pool following a serious illness.

She states ‘my illness took everything’ but now has her sights set on building up her strength to compete at the European masters.

Her focus on a return to the pool, along with the support of good swimming friends, kept her going through eight months of treatment.

Lesley said: “Once a world masters champion / record holder, my illness took everything I’d worked for over the years.

“But I’m still here and able to get into the pool and hold my own in sessions with the kids!

“Without my lifetime of swimming fitness, I doubt I would have recovered as well as I did.”

And Helen Brown Hirst shares the feelings of many swim parents who have children within aquatics as she describes the joy of watching her girls compete.

She says that swimming gave her children a work ethic, taught them that only hard work will get you what you want and to keep trying.

Helen continued: “For me, it was their grin from the result board to the crowd upon making a progress step.

“And the all-time fave moment that I loved their sport was when one of my daughters mouthed from the finish ‘I won’ after a regional final.”

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