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Recommended reads for young swimmers ... Mermaid School

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Welcome to Lady Sealia Foam’s Mermaid School! Here you will learn siren songs, proper care of sea creatures and how to ride a seahorse.

Out this month, Mermaid School is the first in an enchanting new series for young readers, following the adventures of Marnie Blue and friends.

Set in an enticing underwater world, and filled with fabulous fishy fun, this is the perfect oppor-tuna-ty for little swimmers aged 6+ to find their new favourite book series!

Young readers won’t be able to put these exciting under-the-sea tales down! And luckily there are two more Mermaid School books to come from author Lucy Courtenay and illustrator Sheena Dempsey this summer.

Visit the Mermaid School website to find out more about the series and discover lots of fun downloadable activities, including the chance to find out your special mermaid name!

The Mermaid School books

Mermaid School (Book 1)

It is Marnie Blue’s very first day at Mermaid School, and she’s worried. What if she can’t make any new friends, or if she’s asked to ride a seahorse?

And what will the teachers think when they find out that her aunt is Christabel Blue, the famous singer and DJ but also the naughtiest mermaid in the school’s history?

Marnie’s determined to make a good impression, but the Blue family are never far away from trouble…

Mermaid School: The Clamshell Show (Book 2)

If you’ve enjoyed Mermaid School, look out for the sequel swimming into bookshops in May 2020!

In this book the race is on to win the star role in the Clamshell Show. Marnie is so excited – now might be her chance to shine!

But not everyone is playing fair, and Gilly is more trouble than a tiger shark with a toothache. Will the show go on?

Buy the Mermaid School series of books here.