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Swim England adds magic to swimming lessons with free My Learn to Swim app

An exciting new platform to help youngsters fall in love with swimming and give parents a better understanding of the purpose of their child’s lessons has been launched by Swim England.

The FREE My Learn to Swim app allows children to scan their well-earned Learn to Swim certificates, transporting them into a magical experience as they unlock and play with their favourite characters, including Maisie the marlin and Harry the hermit crab.

Parents can also benefit from the enjoyable nature of My Learn to Swim, which seeks to make exercise a fun experience for children.

Five-year-old Matilda attends swimming lessons regularly and has already found her favourite feature of the app – the photo booth.

Her mother, Gemma, said: “For Tilly, it was a big step going into the water on her own and us watching by poolside.

“Knowing that she was going to come and have fun is important, so if we can use the app to make it more of a fun process, then that’s going to be a winning combination really.

“We can use the app prior to coming along to lessons and talk about it as well.”

Celebrating young swimmers

As an organisation with charitable status, Swim England has created the app to celebrate children learning the vital life skill of swimming.

Jane Nickerson, Swim England Chief Executive, said: “It is really important for children to learn to swim, so they can have fun safely in the water.

“Children are leaving swimming lessons too early, before they reach a stage where they are able to swim confidently and competently.

“Therefore, as a result of Swim England’s research, we are delighted to launch the My Learn to Swim app to help celebrate children learning to swim and ensure even more children fall in love with swimming.”

My Learn to Swim is now available on the App Store and Google Play for FREE.

Find out more about My Learn to Swim here.