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Swim England renews partnership with Myrtha Pools

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Swim England has renewed its partnership with innovative Italian firm Myrtha Pools.

The agreement, which runs until 2021, aims to increase participation in learn to swim programmes, water safety and competitions across all aquatic disciplines.

Myrtha Pools has constructed competitive pools for the last two Olympic Games and specialise in renovating existing pools to high specifications.

The company also provide a number of accessories designed to help swimmers’ training programmes.

These include a virtual trainer LED strip that runs along the entire length of the pool floor which can be used to pace training activity.

Integral partnerships

Jane Nickerson, Swim England’s CEO, said: “We’re delighted to be continuing our partnership with Myrtha Pools.

“They are an innovative firm that use advanced technology to help ensure facilities which may be run down can be transformed and be brought back to life. 

“We look forward to continue working closely with them in the future.”

Myrtha is a leading stainless steel panel swimming pool provider and provide precision pools that outlast concrete facilities – as well as having unique recycling capabilities.

Roberto Colletto, Myrtha Pools CEO, said: “We will also provide technical solutions to renovate or upgrade existing facilities with RenovAction technology. This allows us to quickly renovate aquatic facilities that have become obsolete over time, avoiding major demolition and thus allowing major cost savings.

“Myrtha proudly supports the growth and development of aquatic sports by forming these integral partnerships across the world, while providing its technical expertise to design any kind of project.”