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Swim England 2021 National Awards officially open for nominations

The Swim England National Awards are set to return in 2021 and will see members of the aquatics community being celebrated for their devotion to our sports over the last year.

The winners will be recognised for their commitment and passion in a virtual live ceremony which will take place on Saturday 9 October.

There are two categories of awards: Innovation Awards and Inspirational Awards, both of which reflect different elements of the spirit and generosity of Swim England clubs and members.

The Innovation Award categories are the Sport Innovation Award and the Engagement Innovation Award.

The Inspirational Award categories are Inspirational Volunteer Award, Inspirational Young Volunteer Award, Inspirational Club Coach/Teacher Award, Inspirational Athlete Award and Inspirational Youth Champion Award.

Individuals can be nominated for their role as either a volunteer, athlete, club coach or club teacher – all of which form the backbone of each aquatic sport. Groups and clubs can also be nominated for the Innovation awards.

‘Importance of recognition’

Claire Coleman, Swim England head of development, said: “This awards ceremony is a way to acknowledge the dedication, hard work and selflessness shown by members of the aquatics community day-in and day-out.

“The last year has thrown seemingly endless challenges our way and through this adversity, many clubs and individuals have thrived.

“Members of our community have shown resilience, creativity and fortitude beyond measure and this is a chance to offer them recognition for their work, which is incredibly important.

A full summary of each award can be found on this page, as well as the link to submit a nomination.

Nominations open on 1 June and close on 15 August. Nominees must be current registered Swim England members.