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Jane hails ‘truly fantastic people and clubs’ which make aquatics ‘so special’

Swim England chief executive Jane Nickerson has praised ‘the truly fantastic people and clubs’ which make the aquatics community ‘so special’.

During a speech at the Swim England National Awards, Jane said it was energising to hear the exploits of all the winners and nominees – especially when the sport faces challenging times due to the ongoing energy crisis.

A total of 14 awards were presented throughout the ceremony at the University of Birmingham’s Great Hall.

Jane said: “Well, what an afternoon.

“In amongst all the challenges and trials that we all deal with as part of life, days like today are always a great reminder of the truly fantastic people and clubs involved in all our sports, from all corners of the country, who make our community so special.

“It’s so energising to hear of the exploits of volunteers like Helen Dutton and to celebrate the efforts clubs like Richmond Dales make to be a welcoming and inclusive club for everyone in their community

“There is such cause for optimism for the future when I hear of the passion of our breakthrough athletes, our youth champions and young volunteers, who are already giving their time to help others fulfil their potential in the water in whatever sport, event or level that may be.

“So thank you to all the winners, and everyone nominated for all you do, and for reminding us all why aquatics is so important.”

Jim ‘hails army of volunteers’

Swim England president Jim Wilks acknowledged the contribution made by the army of volunteers up and down the country to ensure all sports could take place

He said: “The grassroots of our sports are every bit as important to me as what happens at the elite level.

“We’ve seen a number of fantastic people recognised today across a whole host of categories who are all worthy winners.

“But I want to say a particular thank you to the army of volunteers who give up so many hours at our clubs and events, week-in week-out, to keep all our activities going and creating the opportunities for everyone to fulfil their potential in the pool. 

“Thank you for all you do.

“It is no exaggeration to say that our sports couldn’t continue without you and we never take that for granted.”