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New Social Media Good Club Guide launched

The ASA has launched the new Social Media Good Club Guide highlighting how this powerful engagement tool can help your club to connect with your existing members and wider audiences.

Social media channels present a free way for clubs to promote the benefits of club membership to new members. They are also a great way to keep people updated with results, fixtures, special offers or timetable changes.

Social media provides a fantastic platform to speak to an audience of all ages, demographics and locations. For example, there are over 1.5 billion Facebook users in the UK each month!

Instagram is the fastest growing social media network among young people and isn’t showing any signs of slowing. Whatever audience you wish to engage with there will be a social media channel that will help you do it.

This new guide recognises the innumerable benefits of social media as they are both accessible and user-friendly. In the UK, there are around 38 million active users on social media platforms.

Clubs should therefore be in a position to exploit this and understand how to generate engaging content to capture your audience.

This can include promoting campaigns and events, or communicating with coaches, officials and participants about club news.

Understanding the risks

While social media can provide exciting opportunities, it’s important to understand there is also a risk of danger and negative consequences if these sites are abused.

This new handy guide will help you to understand some of the pitfalls, and offer guidance to prevent the fear of social media stopping you from getting involved!

The Social Media Good Club Guide also includes links to other useful internal and external resources such as the ASA’s safeguarding policy Wavepower.

The Good Club Guides

The Good Club Guides have been specifically designed to to support volunteers within clubs. They provide a summary of duties and responsibilities, skills you might need and resources that can help you within your role.

A sample of the Good Club Guides currently available includes:

  • A Chairperson
  • Secretary
  • Team Manager
  • Fundraising Officer
  • Treasurer

Many more are available to support with other volunteer roles and topics such as engaging young volunteers and ensuring your club is as inclusive as possible.

Should you have any queries regarding this guide or any of the resources found here, please contact [email protected].