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New Swim England Learn to Swim Awards launched

Following the announcement of our new Swim England brand, our newly designed Learn to Swim Awards are now available.

Our Learn to Swim programme remains the most successful of its kind in England. More than 80 per cent of learn to swim programmes use the content to help deliver lessons.

The new designs were created with young people in mind. We spoke to focus groups to get inspiration for the design process, to make them fresh, appealing and exciting.

To make it simpler for providers, parents and children, we are consolidating the Rainbow Distance and Stroke Awards into one set.

For a full list of continued Awards and their outcomes from April, please go to our Swimming Teacher resource page here.

Learn to Swim Programme Manager Katie Towner said: “We are very excited launch our new Learn to Swim certificates and badges. Each year over 1.6 million children receive our Awards, and these new designs were created with these young people in mind.

“While the Learn to Swim programme stays the same, we’ve taken the opportunity to update some of the outcomes. These will make the journey easier for young people and parents to follow.”

Updates to the Stage 1-7 outcomes

As part of the redesign of our Learn to Swim Awards, we spoke to more than 100 teachers, tutors and operators on the content of Learn to Swim Stages 1-7.

Using feedback from these people, we have tweaked the outcomes which can be downloaded here. This will help to create more natural progressions through the stages

Swimmers can remain at the same stage and progress as they are doing with a seamless transition onto the updates.

If you have any problems or queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing learntoswim@swimming.org.