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‘Exceptionally helpful and practical’ NHS eLearning now accessible for all

The Aquatic Activity and Swimming for Health eLearning resource, which has been described as ‘exceptionally helpful and practical’, is now available to access for anyone in the UK.

After NHS England launched the resource in 2023, in partnership with Swim England, access was initially only available to those with an nhs.net, gov.uk or ac.uk account.

However, following an upgrade in functionality, the eLearn is now open for general access.

The resource, also developed in partnership by Swim England, the Aquatic Therapy Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (ATACP), University of Nottingham and NHS England, raises awareness of the benefits of aquatic activity on health and wellbeing and will enhance learners’ confidence in identifying patients who would benefit most.

It covers the following topics:

  • Helping people navigate their way to swimming and aquatic activity
  • What happens to the body in water?
  • Adaptive effects of aquatic exercise
  • Who can exercise in water?
  • Exploring aquatic activities

More than 500 people have accessed the eLearning resource to date, with this expected to rise significantly with general access now available.

Learners are also encouraged to complete the evaluation survey at the end of the training to help improve this programme for future learners.

One of those to have completed the programme is GP and clinical advisor for Swim England, Dr Hussain Al-Zubaidi.

He said: “I am delighted to see that the Aquatic Activity and Swimming for Health eLearning module will now be accessible for all.

“As an NHS GP, I found the module to be exceptionally helpful and practical.

“The module not only equips healthcare professionals with valuable knowledge and confidence to support their patients, but it also rekindles a personal connection with the water, encouraging us all to dive back in and make a splash towards healthier lives.”

Swim England head of diversity and inclusion, Mike Hawkes, has also completed the eLearn.

He added: “I enjoyed completing the Aquatic Activity and Swimming for Health eLearning resource.

“I particularly liked the ‘bodies in water’ and ‘suitability’ sections as these seemed to provide more detailed information from a medical perspective.

“I think this sets it apart from other resources and it’s great to see such a tailored programme which allows healthcare professionals to apply the benefits of aquatics across their work.

“By opening this up for general access, it also ensures that everyone can benefit, not just healthcare professionals.

“This work sets the standard for the way we want to co-produce resources, alongside specialist partners, going forward.”

For more information and to access the programme, please visit the Aquatic Activity and Swimming for Health programme page.